Big Red – Heavy Duty Dish Detergent 

Get your dishes, glassware, tableware, serving ware and cookware sparkling clean with Big Red – Heavy Duty Dish Detergent

Dishwashing in commercial institutions such as Restaurants, Dining Halls, Banquet Halls, Café and many more has been considered as task of responsibility as the sparkling clean dishes and utensils play an integral role in attracting more & more customers. Apart from this, hygiene of dishes is also a matter of serious consideration.

Thus, people who don’t compromise on efficiency always prefer Big Red | Heavy Duty Dish Detergent! It is an excellent quality, high performing product with extra germ-killing power, and leaves no spots or chemical residues.


Big Red | Heavy Duty Dish Detergent (available in 4L & 20L)

  • Excellent for dish washing machines and glass washers.
  • Ensures extraordinary cleaning power without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Formulated to be used in your high or low temperature dishwasher
  • Produces little or no suds or foam
  • Minimized spotting and filming and enhanced drying qualities
  • Produces a streak-free surface on glasses and dinner wares, creating a sparkling appearance
  • Suitable for various residential, commercial, industrial or institutional purposes
  • Ready-to-use

Tips to Use

Fill the pre-wash detergent section and main wash section of the dishwasher with Big Red, a heavy duty dishwasher detergent in accordance with the amount of dirt or grease on utensils, and with water hardness. Close the lid properly after filling. If you want even better results, before starting the cycle, leave the utensils to soak in the solution for a while into the dish area.

Big Red Features:

  • It’s fast and safe
  • Contains special ingredients
  • Designed for the institutional environment
  • Ideal for the greasiest of dishes, glassware, cutlery or pots and pans

Precautions & Safety:
Keep out of the reach of children. Do not inhale. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Seek medical advice if irritation continues.


  • Size: 4L
  • Size Type: JG
  • Pack: JG
  • Master Pack /Case: 4
  • UPC: 806494002465
  • GTIN: 10806494002462


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