StrongArm Drain Clean

StrongArm Drain Clean including 12/1L

StrongArm Drain Clean is a highly active acid based drain opener. It works extremely fast, freeing stopped up drains of organic waste, grease, fats, sludge, paper, cloth sanitary napkins, rags, soap, detergent build up and food particles. Drain Clean loosens and removes lime and rust build up in drain lines. DRAIN CLEAN is extremely powerful and concentrated, extreme care must be exercised with its use.


SAFETY CLOSURE: Press down while turning cap counter clockwise. Reclose tightly to lock. PRECAUTION: READ BEFORE USING. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
Keep hands and face away from drain when using. It is recommended that goggles, rubber gloves and rubber apron be worn when using this product. Do not use hot water before or after using this product. Always use cold water. Do not use before or after using any other drain cleaner. Do not transfer to any other container. Do not use on aluminum or allow to remain in contact with stainless steel, chrome porcelain or concrete. Do not allow to contact wood or painted surfaces. If accidentally spilled, flush with copious quantities of water. Where possible, remove sink or drain strainer before using. Safe on glass, rubber and most plastics.


Keeps Drains Clean and Free Flowing
Fully Inhibited To Prevent Corrosion
Fast Acting
NOTE: For Industrial Use Only


Suggested dosage recommendations are general and may be varied depending on conditions, type of obstruction, and size of traps and lines. Always add product slowly down sides of drains.

12/1L | 42333

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