StrongArm Hot Shot

StrongArm Hot Shot Powder is a specially designed product to keep the sewer and drain line working effectively and efficiently. The interaction of the ingredients and the water in the sewer line will produce a fast saponification and solvent mechanism which dissolves grease, fats and other organic substances. The ingredients are consistently uniform in size and distribution to produce an even controlled reaction to the solution of great heat, force and working time. It can be used to dissolve and remove organic obstructions. It also can chemically disintegrate minor tree roots and branches and eventually slough off in the flow.


A powdered drain opener that will tackle the toughest blockages. Suitable for use in food plants, industrial and institutional areas.


Major ingredients include sodium, hydroxide and sodium carbonate.


To open and clean drains:
1) Remove drain strainer if possible. Remove any standing water. Remaining water in drain should be cool.
2) Add 225 ml of water (1 cup) for small drains and up to 1 litre for large drain. If water boils up, add 225 ml of cold water at a time. After 15 minutes flush drain with cold water.
If drain is still clogged remove standing water very carefully and repeat treatment. In the unlikely event of the blockage persisting, do not repeat a third time. Instead, call a plumber and explain that chemicals are present.
Regular Preventative Maintenance: Use the dosage directly above periodically (at least weekly to keep drains running freely. Won’t harm normal pipes or septic tanks when used as directed.
Avoid contamination of food during the use and storage of this product.

Concentrated Formula
12/450gm | 43601
1/20kg | 43602


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